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  • ALL Lies On Me

    Washed up rappers the Dub Ridaz get tricked into stealing fake Tupac lyrics in an effort to make a comeback, they are led on a hilarious wild goose chase that leads to a surprising end. The stakes are high, the odds are against them and all lies are on the Dub Ridaz in this hilarious Hip-Hop comedy!

  • The Urban Demographic

    Faced with sinking ratings and declining revenues, Seattle s KSOF Radio, a classical music station, changes its format to radical hip-hop. The change sends shockwaves through the community, changing the many lives it touches.

  • Jive Chicken

    Marvin Thomas (BET, Def Comedy) stars as Chip Watkins, an aspiring entrepreneur who is coerced into taking over ownership of a fledgling hot wing restaurant in the hood. After assuming 15K in debts, he must now find a way to thrive in a situation where he has no experience.

  • Baby's Momma Drama

    A realistic look through at least 4 perspectives of marriage, relations. divorce. custody, court issues. infidelity, adultery, jealousy, bureaucratic mistakes, red tape, and and human foibles involved in out of control hormones and personal agendas.

  • Black Love

    A film about the secrets and confessions of what goes on in a typical African American relationship. Black Love is told through the eye's and voices of regular couples. Topics such as cheating, sex, money, interracial relationships, attitudes and etc... is covered within this romantic comedy.

  • Suckers

    Thinking that the score of a lifetime is at hand Joey, Tico and Evander don't realize they've been set up by their good buddies the Bravo Brothers, the trio head out to pull off the biggest scam the drug world has ever seen.

  • Orlando's Joint - Ep. #1 Bumpies Dead

    Orlando shows up to work at the Coffee Joint late, as usual... and things go downhill from there!

  • Orlando's Joint - Ep. #2 Summer Jamz

    Orlando's hippy cousin Summer shows up in Los Angeles. Can Orlando keep her safe from the mean streets of the big city?

  • Orlando's Joint - Ep. #3 Wreckaheads Revenge

    Orlando gets his Friday night buzz killed when his DJ past comes back to haunt him.

  • Orlando's Joint - Ep. #4 Coffee Beans and Boycotts

    The community is in an uproar over a controversial cartoon, and Orlando's stash falls in the coffee roaster.

  • Orlando's Joint - Ep. #5 Get Bumpie

    When the health inspector shows up at the Coffee Joint, things get rough for a certain roach.