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Hip-Hop Documentary Films

Hip-Hop Documentaries

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Hip-Hop Documentary Films
  • DJ Vlad Presents Rock Star - Video Magazine

    DJ Vlad takes you behind the scenes and brings to you hip hop's most wanted! We take you behind the scenes and interview: Lil Wayne & Baby: Tell you why They're Just Gangsta's in one of the most in depth interviews they have ever given!! G-Unit's Tony Yayo, Young Buck, & Hot Rod speak on the...

  • Usher - Unauthorized

    Usher was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and moved to Atlanta with his family when he was 12. Ushers singing career began at the age of six when he joined the church choir. By the age of fourteen he was discovered by LA Reid at a local talent show and signed to La Face Records. While still in Hig...

  • Three 6 Mafia - Kingz Of Memphis

    This documentary follows masterminds Juicy J and DJ Paul through their careers and documents how these bad boys became superstars.

  • The Game - Game Recognize Game

    A rags to riches story, Jayceon Terell Taylor aka The Game from Compton California had been shunted through the foster home system and dove into the depths of the hood. See what this rapper went through to become The Game.

  • Snoop Dogg

    See how Snoop Dogg, A.K.A. the Dogg Father, created his own niche in Hip Hop with his unique sound that keeps all his fans wanting more. He is one of the most loved Hip Hop artists in the world. Witness how this cool, sleepy-eyed West Coast rapper went from C-walking to dropping it like Its hot. ...

  • Rihanna - Barbadian Superstar(dom)

    This documentary takes a look at the life of the singer from the view of the fans, the industry, and the singer herself as she talks about the heartaches and celebration of being one of the most influential individuals in the music industry today.

  • The Raplife Featuring TQ

    This episode of The Rap Life features Hip Hop - R&B Singer TQ and his crew from his new label Headbeatin Records. We spend a day with him promoting his new label and what it's like being a boss. TQ also talks about working with Lil Wayne and all the Cash Money artists.

  • Queen Latifah - All Hail The Queen

    Follow the journey of how a little girl from the projects of Newark, New Jersey became a Queen in Hip Hop, jazz and on the silver screen. Although she struggles everyday to get over her brothers death, she still maintains her reign and is well on her way to making an even bigger name for herself ...

  • Players Toast

    Ice T hosts a one-of-a-kind event toasting the men who define the "Game" in America today. Learn how the legendary rapper got his start in the streets before going prime-time on TV's Law & Order, and meet the men who came up alongside him. Featuring Bishop Don Magic Juan, Coco, and all new interv...

  • War Stories

    The stories told in this compelling docu-drama were taken from the files of the controversial L.A.P.D. special gang task force. C.R.A.S.H. (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums). War Stories takes you to the front line. This is the closest you'll get to gang life without wearing a red or b...

  • T-Pain - Digital Collaborations

    Since coming onto the hip hop scene, this young producer/singer/rapper has added another dimension to the music industry. He's the king collaborator (Where's Nate Dogg?) and has influenced the industry into a new direction. Every performer wants his stamp of approval. Award winner and electric pe...

  • Jay-Z - I Will Not Lose

    This documentary explores the life of Jay Z, a rap star and business mogul. It begins in his childhood, goes through the challenges of growing up without a father, dealing with drugs on the streets of New York and eventually taking rap serious enough to become one of the greatest and most success...

  • Queens Of Hip-Hop

    Although the rap scene has been ruled by men for 20 years, this documentary shows how and which women are making big moves in the industry. See how Salt N Pepa, Queen Latifah, Lady Luck, Rah Digga and Charlie Baltimore have broken through and how they generate heat to change the game in hip-hop.

  • Pharrell - No Beats Unknown

    In the '90s, he and Chad Hugo formed the group the Neptunes and were discovered by Teddy Riley at a high school talent show. By 2005, he was driving an Enzo Ferrari and a Mercedes SLR McLaren. Can you feel it? Pharrell has exploited his skills to reinvent the hip hop world.

  • Outkast - Dare To Be Different

    This documentary will explore the incredible life of OUTKAST. It will intimately engage their childhood, through their troubled teen years to their rap music, and beyond rap music. It will also feature their incredible journey to survive as young talented Black men in a game where so many fail to...

  • Mary J. Blige - The Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul

    Mary J Blige is a true rags-to-riches phenomenon. Brought up in the rough and tumble projects of the Bronx, New York, Mary, used her unique vocal talents to overcome the odds of the streets. To not only survive, but to become one of the most celebrated talent of our time.

  • Rap Life Featuring Money B

    On this episode of The Rap Life, Money B from the iconic hip hop group Digital Underground takes you along for a day to witness his life in the music game.

  • Nas - I Don't Understand Hip-Hop

    This revealing documentary chronicles the life and career of hip-hop superstar Nas (aka Nasir Jones), from his childhood in the Queensbridge neighborhood of New York City to the release of his landmark 1994 album Illmatic and beyond. The son of noted jazz musician Olu Dara, Nas has continued to...

  • Omarion - Invitation Only

    Omarion's gift allowed him to become the fourth member of the group B2K. He would then go on to achieve five number #1 hit singles and collaborate with Nick Canon, P-Diddy and Fabulous. It wasn't long before the group encountered management problems, causing the successful teens of B2K to split u...

  • Whitney Houston - The Greatest Love Of All

    Whitney Elizabeth Houston showed the vocal range and star quality that would soon make her a legend in the music world. We talk to those who knew her as Nippy , retrace her steps to stardom and revisit some of her most stunning performances. Whitney Houston was so much more than a performer she ...

  • MC Battle Live - The Movie

    MC Battle Live showcases the skills of the ever growing underground phenomenon of mc battle rapping.

  • Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes - Crazy Sexy Cool

    Lisa Left Eye Lopes was the most flamboyant and outspoken member of the most successful girl group in American music history. TLC was known for it's outlandish style and its unabashed flavor and Left Eye was the perfect showpiece spearheading the charge. The world lost one of its most unique tale...

  • Lil Wayne - Takin Over Hip-Hop

    The documentary tells the tale of the charismatic Southern rapper Lil Wayne and his rise to super stardom.

  • Flava Flav - Prince of Blackness Takes a Bow

    Yeahhhhh boy!! Flava Flav is in da house. The greatest hype man of all-time was at the bottom of the cookie jar trying to at least get a taste of the last cookie crumb. His career was at its' peak when he was the main stay of the rap group Public Enemy. But, with his out of control use of narcoti...