The Lost Dimension

The Lost Dimension

2 Episodes

From Executive Producer Rick Jenkins comes an original ScreenMagic TV series that unlocks a lost dimension in science fiction. Watch and lose yourself in The Lost Dimension!

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The Lost Dimension
  • The Devil Is My Witness

    Episode 1

    When Larcen Palmer (Gary Sturgis - Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Pride, Daddy's Little Girls) a famous actor goes on the run after killing his manager and her husband, he doesn't realize the Devil was there to witness the entire event.

  • Feast Of The Possessed

    Episode 2

    When an Olympic gymnast hurts her ankle at the park her coach goes to get ice but never returns. When the gymnast goes to look for her coach she finds him dead in the park bathroom. She quickly realizes she's the one now being stalked by something in the park. You Never Know Who's Out To Get You!